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Screw for nuclear
Water boxes
Set of ball joints

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Specialist of very high tech mechanical parts

Main markets


SMEPI works for the nuclear sector according to in the register in the Design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands (RCC-M) published by AFCEN.


SMEPI produces all kinds of parts for both fossil-fired plants and for hydropower plants. This expertise also enables us to manufacture assembly parts for pumps, boilers, heat exchangers...

Transport equipment

SMEPI manufactures parts for the railway, aerospace and sports cars industries.

Chemical / Petrochemical

SMEPI also manufactures parts capable of withstanding a high abrasive environment.

Special Machines

SMEPI manufactures all kinds of parts (small or medium quantites)

Other sectors: Cement plants, Food industry, Paper, Army, etc.


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