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Screw for nuclear
Water boxes
Set of ball joints

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Specialist of very high tech mechanical parts

Our Strenghts

Quality achievements

It is not by coincidence that major clients as Areva, EDF, SNCF, Alstom, Rhodia trust us.
We have implemented a set of procedures for a better traceability of every parts produced.
Our quality department pays full attention to the respect with the specifications, monitoring of the mentionned specifications and strict observance of standards.
The quality of our work results from the strict appliance of the requirements ISO 9001 and from our certification.


Speed and timeliness

Everything is done at SMEPI in order to respect deadlines.
Our flexible and efficient structure also allows us to respond to urgent needs (broken part, troubleshooting...)


Skills and professionalism

If SMEPI acquired such know-how, it is largely thanks to the skills of its teams. Through them, SMEPI took root in demanding sectors such as nuclear energy.


Raw materials inventory

Promised deadlines is one thing. Providing the means to keep them in is another. SMEPI own a stock of materials that allows to start the production immediately, without waiting leading times.


Integrating of the whole chain subcontracting

SMEPI supports the entire production of your parts, from design to the final treatment.
This integration has several advantages for our customers:

  • Time saving: no need to use various subcontractors and thereby increase the supply, contacts and decrease numerous problems. Our customers save time while being assured of quality work.
  • One contact only: One person supports your application process from beginning to end, from part design upon their delivery. Our customers save time and gain traquility.


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